Design Your Own Instrument

Molecule Synth

Analog, Digital, iOS, MIDI – Molecule Synth is fully connected :)

Molecule Synth is a musical instrument like none other: it is a connected, app-smart modular synthesizer, presented as hand-sized hexagon modules in a construction kit that can be arranged and rearranged in new configurations each time it is played. The hexagons are color-coded with visually intuitive logos that make its unique “snap-together” connections simple for anyone to manipulate. Molecule Synth “hacks” the experience of playing music so that “play” begins with the creative piecing together of the instrument itself. Users discover new fun and open-ended possibilities as they swap one controller for another, and explore Molecule’s compatibility with other sounds and instruments. Molecule Synth is sold as a 4- or 7-piece set, but it is devised as an infinitely-expandable system: its interconnected, highly adaptable hardware units are made so that each user might customize, add new modules of his or her choice, and fine-tune the instrument’s music making capabilities with app-enhanced features. You choose the sounds the instrument makes, and the way it makes those sounds — feed your inner-inventor and Design Your Own Instrument with Molecule Synth!

Molecule Synth combines LEGO-like interchangeability with Synthesizers with Physical Electronics.

                                  LEGO  +  SYNTHESIZERS  +  PHYSICAL ELECTRONICS


“I must Create a System or be enslav'd by another Man's” -William Blake

I was inspired to create the MOLECULE SYNTH by experiences circuit bending toys and building my own electronic instruments, and I wanted to make something with sounds that were more wild and less predictable than what comes from traditional keyboards. I wanted an instrument that was more interesting than just pushing buttons, but I also wanted to get away from the “black box” pre-fab technologies that makes us all passive “consumers” using someone else’s designs. So I made the MOLECULE SYNTH to be an open ended, hardware-based, stand-alone musical instrument that is easy to hack & modify, that is DIY to the core, that totally rocks, sounds amazing, and is guaranteed super fun to play!

MOLECULE SYNTH has the pitch-accurate musical capabilities of any old random store-bought keyboard, but with the MOLECULE SYNTH, you can see and change the way that the instrument works. You can plug in a MIDI keyboard to control the MOLECULE SYNTH, or you can use the physical controllers for more experimental sounds.

The MOLECULE SYNTH is like a building block set for creating your own musical device.  You move the interchangeable components around and adjust controllers to create a variety of fun combinations.  It’s an experimenter’s design set, which means you choose how the instrument is configured, and you can experiment with it fearlessly because you can’t hurt anything or yourself trying new combinations, and the hexes can moved again and again.

It’s easy!  The MOLECULE SYNTH ships with a complete set of directions and tips for use, but practically ANYONE can figure out what to do without reading anything since all the pieces have colors and arrows silk-screened on top making it simple and intuitive.